Mustang ME1502 机油过滤器

适合 Mustang ME1502 的K&N机油过滤器
  • 保护您的 Mustang ME1502的引擎
  • 重型构造
  • 非常适合与合成或常规油使用
为 Mustang ME1502设计的K&N 机油过滤器旨在提供卓越的过滤。他们的高流量设计通过减少机油过滤的限制,帮助提升您的 Mustang ME1502 的引擎表现。

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Always use K&N Filters... BUT for some reason AMAZON has a better price, you would think buying direct from the manufacturer they would be less expensive. ..Also Amazon ships faster...As far as the filter itself, they are outstanding.
Dennis Shontz , Clear Spring, Maryland
K&N HP-8032
  • 允许高油流量
  • 1英寸螺母,易于拆卸
HP-8032 Mustang Me1502油过滤器