K&N Marine Flame Arrestors

K&N Marine Flame Arrestors

K&N Flame Arrestors for Marine Vehicles

The K&N Flame Arrestor makes the world's leading air-filtration technology available for marine engine use. For the first time, boat owners can experience the increased horsepower and engine protection provided by K&N's unique oiled cotton gauze and epoxied screen filter element. For high performance on the water, no other product can match the "horsepower-per buck" benefits of the K&N Flame Arrestor.

K&N Marine Flame Arrestors Add Horsepower From Channeled Air Flow

The heart of the K&N Flame Arrestor is its unique filter element. It is designed to straighten and channel incoming air through its screen mesh and oiled cotton gauze sandwich construction. The result is a dramatic reduction of "air friction" and a corresponding increase in intake volume...meaning a bigger "gulp" of usable air for each intake stroke. Engines equipped with a K&N High Performance Flame Arrestor actually produce MORE horsepower than those with no filtration at all.

Marine Approved per SAE J1928 Flame Arrestor Standard

Coast Guard Regulations stipulate that all gasoline-powered watercraft be equipped with flame arrestors. Until now, that meant choosing between a Coast Guard citation or restricted airflow. The K&N Flame Arrestor eliminates the need to choose. K&N’s Flame Arrestor is the performance and safety product that boat owners have been waiting for.

K&N Marine Flame Arrestors Purify Even Marine Air

No dirt, no dust right? No way! One of boating's most common misconceptions is that marine air is clean air, so air filters are unnecessary. The truth is that marine engines need filtration protection every bit as much as their landlubber cousins. Once airborne, impurities affect air quality both near and off-shore – especially in fresh water environments. And most boats carry their own generous supply of stow-away dust and dirt tracked aboard on clothing, gear and muddy shoes. It's completely unaffected by moisture, because of the unique oiled cotton gauze and epoxy-coated wire screen construction. So it's the perfect choice for every marine engine application - from ski boats to fishing boats to racers to day cruisers.

K&N Marine Flame Arrestors Have a Stainless Steel Housing

Who knows the virtues of stainless steel better than the boat owner? The housing of the K&N Flame Arrestor is polished stainless steel, ensuring solid, rust free service for long engine life. Through test after test, the K&N Flame Arrestor has withstood a wide range of marine punishments: backfire, vibration, moisture, salt spray, rust and corrosion.

K&N Marine Flame Arrestors Have a Washable and Reusable Air Filter

The oiled cotton gauze and epoxied screen element in a K&N Flame Arrestor is a one-time investment. A quick service every 500 engine hours or so is all it takes to restore the filter to its original efficiency. K&N is the world leader in advanced air filtration technology for high performance engines. The introduction of the K&N Flame Arrestor represents a significant innovation for marine engine applications. Never before has there been a product that can single-handedly improve horsepower by as much as 15 percent, satisfy Coast Guard regulations and offer critical engine protection.

Hints For Selecting the Proper K&N Flame Arrestor

Hints For Selecting the Proper K&N Flame Arrestor

Power, Performance, Protection - The K&N Flame Arrestor!