K&N Racing Air Filters, Custom Air Filter Assemblies, Off-Road Air Filters and more

K&N has filters for racing, off-road vehicles, vehicles with carburetors, fuel injection lines, and more. K&N air filters are designed to improve performance, they look great, and are washable and reusable. Select an air filter type below for more information.
定制空气过滤器组件和盖子 定制空气过滤器组件和盖子 定制空气过滤器组件和盖子 K&N's custom air cleaner assemblies are designed show car owners and racers in mind. They incorporate good looks as well as the superior air flow. These custom air cleaner assemblies are designed for use with carburetors that use a round element air cleaner housing. K&N also offers a selection of top plate lids in various sizes.
XStream 顶部空气过滤器 XStream 顶部空气过滤器 XStream 顶部空气过滤器 XStream Air Flow Tops replace the metal top of your existing round air filter assembly giving you a larger air filter surface area. K&N also offers custom air filter assemblies and universal air filters with XStream Air Flow tops.
通用气箱组合 & 碳纤维复合材料 通用气箱组合 & 碳纤维复合材料 通用气箱组合 & 碳纤维复合材料 K&N的碳纤维复合材料具有吸引人的外表和突出的刚度重量比,这是在当今的赛车行业中保持竞争力所必需的。K&N生产碳纤维空气过滤器组装盖、碳纤维空气过滤器顶盖、赛车用碳纤维引擎罩,以及使用传统多连杆套件的赛车手必备的轻量碳纤维通用气箱组件。
拖曳赛车勺空气过滤器和赛车锥形空气过滤器 拖曳赛车勺空气过滤器和赛车锥形空气过滤器 拖曳赛车勺空气过滤器和赛车锥形空气过滤器 Protect the motor in your drag car from dust and debris on the track and in the pits with a K&N air scoop filter. These high-flow racing air filters are washable and reusable and they are designed to fit specific scoop designs popular in drag racing.
越野、UMP 气箱和 VW 化油器空气过滤器 越野、UMP 气箱和 VW 化油器空气过滤器 越野、UMP 气箱和 VW 化油器空气过滤器 K&N off- road filters are designed to provide an outstanding combination of filtration and performance. They are designed to achieve high, virtually unrestricted airflow while maintaining filtration levels critical to your engine.
雪地摩托车空气过滤器 雪地摩托车空气过滤器 雪地车空气过滤器 K&N universal style clamp-on snowmobile air filters replace the existing airbox and OEM stock filter. K&N manufactures hundreds of sizes, shapes and lengths to fit virtually any snowmobile application.
喷油器堆叠过滤器 喷油器堆叠过滤器 喷油器堆叠过滤器 K&N Air Filters designed to fit with cut velocity stacks or straight pieces of tubing. These high performance air filters for injector stacks are washable and reusable. Some have rubber end caps and some come with chrome end caps.
KART 空气过滤器和气箱 KART 空气过滤器和气箱 KART Air Filters and Air Boxes K&N manufactures hundreds of clamp-on universal air filters so finding one for your KART application shouldn’t be a problem. Specific air filters commonly used on KART's are highlighted as are Go Kart air boxes which are required by some sanctioning organizations due to noise restrictions.
燃油喷射管空气过滤器 燃油喷射管空气过滤器 Fuel Injection Line Air Filters K&N Fuel Injection Line Air Filters slip onto the injector nozzle and protect the aeration hole from dust and debris.
定制空气过滤器 定制空气过滤器 定制空气过滤器 K&N's Custom Air Filter Program was designed to help consumers with unique air filter needs where no air filter alternative was available. Our Custom Air Filter Program offers more than a million custom air filter combinations for your special need.