K&N部件匹配 UNINU3230ST空气过滤器

*制造商**部件**产品_种类* 和以下的K&N*产品_种类* 交叉参考。K&N为许多 *制造商* 提供兼容的 *产品_种类*,为您提供一个替代品。
K&N 替换空气过滤器
  • 卓越的过滤
  • 可洗涤及可长期重复使用的
Tami Mikell, Mt. Vernon, Missouri
Works Great.
Leonard Shimell, Splendora, Texas
Love it! Great improvement over stock. Easy to install.
Achilleas Dimou, Athens, Greece
I upgrade from previous K&N for the improvement of the extra filtering area (detachable filter cap). Although the word was to not use these filters for dirt, the reality is that you get a lot of benefits: a)Horsepower b) lasts much longer than any other type of filter. c)one filter forever if you treat it as recommended. I have raced three years of RedBull Romaniacs with this filter. The more humidity where you ride, the longer the interval. If you are to race a three-four day race, just buy two :-) Concerning the K&N shop:this is the fastest shipping i have ever seen in my life literally one day delivery, the greatest dream of racers fulfilled 3
YA-2506XD K&N YA-2506XD 替换空气过滤器