K&N部件匹配 铃木1651005240油过滤器

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K&N 油过滤器
  • 卓越的过滤
  • 允许高油流量
Dick, Florida
Product was just what I expected, and the service was excellent........Thanks
Richard Swearingen, Avon Park, Florida
Best filters I've found yet for our Suzuki Burgman 400's.
Charles Anthony, Lisbon, Maine
Readers; how about a real review and not one by a 'talking trash can'? I have used the K&N oil filter in my '98 Helix, see above, and loved it. I now own a 2008 Suzuki Burgman 400cc scooter, also see photos. I was waiting for the oil change time to add the K&N filter to this machine as well. The time arrived, I bought the oil filter to fit the Burgman, and went to. As expected, the fit of the K&N is perfect. The Burgman now 'purrs' along happily with a first rate, high tech oil filter. That filter will do all its makers claim; I have used these filters for years. Just clean and go; no more constant buying of cheaper oil filters. Why would you submitted your 'bike to a common filter when the Best is to hand. Now, quit reading and BUY one for your 'ride'.
KN-131 K&N KN-131 油过滤器