K&N部件匹配 STPCAF159P小屋空气过滤器

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K&N 小屋空气过滤器
  • 附有静电以吸住污垢和灰尘
  • 易于清洗和重复使用
Richard Shellman, Simpsonville, Kentucky
Excellent filter, excellent fit for my 05 C6 Z51. Thank You Rick
Bill Luken, Cincinnati, Ohio
Since buying my 2015 C7 Corvette almost three years ago, I've been waiting for K&N to develop a cabin air filter for the car. When they announced its availability, I didn't hesitate ordering one although my existing filter is only a couple of months old and I have a spare for it. I buy K&N air filters because I believe them to be of superior quality to OEM filters and that they can be cleaned and reused. In the long run, I believe purchasing K&N filters to be a wise and economical decision.
Jeff Myers, Grafton, Wisconsin
Last year we ordered a K&N cabin air filter for our Buick Lacrosse, and it improved the air quality tremendously. We took delivery of our 2014 Corvette Premiere Edition convertible last March, and noticed when the Hay Fever season reached peak levels in August and September, riding in the Corvette with the top up afforded us zero relief from itchy eyes and all the things hay fever causes. Turns out, the stock factory cabin filter is carbon media based, and it times out after 12 months. I noticed K&N now had a cabin filter for our Corvette, and ordered it through the K&N store. If this filter performs as well as the Buick Lacrosse filter, our Corvette will be very enjoyable to drive next summer. The buying experience with the K&N store is first rate, and turned out to even be a best price situation. I made our Corvette club members with 2005 through 2018 Corvettes aware of the VF3018 Cabin Filter by writing a tech tip for our club newsletter, and doing a presentation with the dirty stock filter, and the new K&N. The funny thing was, many of our members thought I was talking about the engine air filters, and didn't realize their Corvettes had cabin filters. At a recent meeting 4 of the 10 couples present drove Corvettes in the '05 to '18 range, and they all took down the information to order their own cabin filters. I offered to show them how simple the installation is when they receive their new filters. I also have the stock replacement K&N engine air filter in our '14 Corvette, and can't believe how responsive the car became after the engine management computer re-learned how to react to the added airflow- truly amazing. I did not want this to sound like a shameless endorsement of K&N products, but you folks have really done a tremendous job improving our Corvette ownership experience for my wife and myself.
VF3018 K&N VF3018 小屋空气过滤器