K&N部件匹配 StillenINJEVO5003进气套件

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K&N 性能进气系统
  • 高密度聚乙烯管
  • 保证增加马力
Mike Rios, Chino Hills, California
Wow This cold air intake is awesome It adds great performance/sound on the road and the trail.
Kevin Snow, Wichita, Kansas
Good fit, great response happy with purchase.
Scott K., New River, Arizona
I have a cold air intake on all of my vehicles, including my RV, so when we purchased our new Wrangler JL there was not question I would be installing a cold air intake. I like to see results when I purchase products and the 12.5 HP gain speaks for itself. The fact that this kit uses a polyethylene tube as opposed to a metal tube is a positive to me as metal tubes seem to hold the heat over the polyethylene tubes bringing hotter air into the engine. The Jeep is definately more responsive under acceleration with the air intake installed, and it seems to take less throttle to cruise at a steady speed. The step-by-step installation instructions are excellent and the entire installation took about an hour. I would recommend this air intake to all my fellow Jeepers.
63-1576 K&N 63-1576 性能进气系统
K&N 性能进气系统
  • Black Components
  • Oil-Free Synthetic Air Filter
Andres Zaldivar , Huixquilucan, Mexico
El mejor filtro del Mundo.
71-1576 K&N 71-1576 性能进气系统
K&N 性能进气系统
  • 自由流动的铝管
  • 铬样表面进气管
Steven McCue, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Easy install, sounds good, looks good and installation instructions were spot on.
André Tremblay, Boisbriand, Canada
Facile a installer. AMeliore grandement le temps réponse de l'accelérateur... Je ne m'en passerais plus.
77-1576KP K&N 77-1576KP 性能进气系统