K&N部件匹配 Harley-Davidson2944299B空气过滤器

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K&N 替换空气过滤器
  • 旨在增加电力
  • 百万英里有限保修
Wayne Covert, Eustis Florida
Love the filter. Noticed a very impressive gain in throttle response and power after installing this product on my bike! Would highly recommend this product to my riding buddies. Will be purchasing a K&N filter for my F150 and it's made in America. I give it 5 stars !
Eli Shultz, Norco, California
I ordered this filter and it arrived within a few days. After I put it on the throttle response on my bike was a lot smoother and it even sounds better. I have noticed a bit of a difference in power and miles per gallon. It was a great addition to my bike.
Barry Bergstrom, Kennewick, Washington
Great product, once I figured out which one fit my 2008 FLSTSB Crossbones HD! J&P Cycles had the wrong part number, so I ordered it directly from you. I now have 3 bikes with K&N filters! Wouldn't have it any other way. I'll never have to buy another air filter!<br /> Thanks
HD-0800 K&N HD-0800 替换空气过滤器