K&N部件匹配 BMC42504空气过滤器

*制造商**部件**产品_种类* 和以下的K&N*产品_种类* 交叉参考。K&N为许多 *制造商* 提供兼容的 *产品_种类*,为您提供一个替代品。
K&N 替换空气过滤器
  • 旨在增加电力
  • 百万英里有限保修
Van Cauwenberge, Jean Marc, Outreau, France
Envoi rapide et soigné...super content de mon filtre K&N ...le moteur semble plus rempli à tous les régimes...Thank you
Peter Matkovic, New York, New York
KN filter has been difference on my bike right after install. I can clearly feel a difference in power because of higher suction of air into engine that results in extra power and torque in mid range. It's very easy to wash and charged again. I would definitely recommend K&N filters to other bikers who seek upgrades on their filters.I am glad that my Sprint GT 1050 got a hell of kick from K&N !! Thank you.
Chris Ward, Plymouth, United Kingdom
Hi the new air filter works great you can here the bike is breathing better. And it feels like it is pulling harder through the gears. But the only problem I had it was not as easy to fit as it should have been the plastic it was made from seemed a lot harder than the orignal so it did not fit into the grooves so well it kept popping out .
TB-1005 K&N TB-1005 替换空气过滤器