K&N部件匹配 阿尔法 罗密欧51843850空气过滤器

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K&N 替换空气过滤器
  • 旨在增加电力
  • 百万英里有限保修
AEJ Mollema, Nieuwe Pekela, Netherlands
This K&N Replacement Airfilter fits the Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV perfectly. Unfortunately replacing the air filter is not done in a minute, take your time. For replacement remove front part of bottom plate of the car.
Jesus Gonzalez Gomez, Córdoba, Mexico
Excelente producto, tardo un poco la paqueteria, pero el producto es un gran articulo.
E-2986 K&N E-2986 替换空气过滤器
K&N 替换空气过滤器
  • 旨在增加电力
  • 百万英里有限保修
Yanick Leroux, Reims, France
c'est mon 6 ème sur voiture et moto partait
Merrill Elliott, Barby Nr Rugby
Excellent product as always. I have used K & N air filters on my last five cars and always been impressed.
Dicaro Guido, Ekeren, Belgium
Exellent product.
E-2991 K&N E-2991 替换空气过滤器