2004 GMC 塞拉利昂2500高清 8.1L V8冷气进气套件

适合 2004 GMC 塞拉利昂2500高清 8.1L V8 的冷进气套件
  • 设计为了带进更冷的空气和减少限制以提供更多功率
  • 保证提升功率
  • 卓越的引擎保护
  • 简易安装
  • 超大高流量可重复使用的空气过滤器
  • 160公里正常使用下质保
  • 自1969年以来提供提升功率的产品
K&N 2004 GMC 塞拉利昂2500高清 冷进气套件提升马力和大幅度的减少由厂造设计造成的气流限制。K&N 性能 GMC 塞拉利昂2500高清 冷进气系统通常在90分钟内就能安装完成。

您的2004 GMC 塞拉利昂2500高清 值得一个最佳的进气套件!

2004 GMC 塞拉利昂2500高清 8.1L V8 燃油喷射 - All Models
I waited a while to review this. I went from 10 mpg to 12 mpg on a 2005 Chevy duelly with a 496 big block. It's only 2mpg but it also runs much better. At 7000', I will take whatever gains I can get. I was surprised to get better mileage and performance too. Maybe it has to do with the elevation. I am glad I put this on my truck and there seems to be no down side to this modification. Even if I did not see better mileage it would have been worth the cost to have my truck run better. So, for me 2mpg better was just a bonus. Also I got the sock. It will help keep the filter clean longer.
Steve , Flagstaff, Arizona
K&N 57-3030-1
  • 高密度聚乙烯管
  • 保证增加马力
57-3030-1 2004 GMC 塞拉利昂2500高清 8.1L V8 燃油喷射性能进气系统