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Cold Air Intake Systems

Leave Dust in the Dust

When you upgrade to a K&N® cold air intake, you’re guaranteed an increase in horsepower and torque, paired with an air filter designed to last for the lifespan of your vehicle. Protect your engine from dust, dirt, and contaminants, and enjoy the benefits of the original layered cotton High-Flow Air Filter™ and an aerodynamic intake tube design, which give you robust engine sound on acceleration. Typical installation time is less than 90 minutes, and you can buy with confidence under K&N’s 10-Year/Million Mile Limited Warranty.


Performance Intake Systems

Guaranteed to Increase Horsepower & Torque

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K&N Air Intake System
Washable High-Flow Air Filter™

Gain up to 50% more airflow than a traditional disposable paper filter with K&N’s original oiled, layered cotton filter design. The iconic red tacky oil helps capture even the tiniest particles.

Vehicle-Specific Heat Shield

A custom-engineered steel heat shield (or roto-molded air box, where applicable) helps protect the air filter and keep airflow cooler, allowing for more efficient engine combustion.

Aerodynamic Intake Tube

Each intake tube is custom-engineered to provide a smooth, aerodynamic path for airflow—helping to reduce turbulence and keep engine air cooler. Choose from mandrel-bent aluminum, powder-coated aluminum, or high-density polyethylene intake tubing.

Custom Mass Airflow Sensor Adaptor

Engineered to make relocating your MAF sensor simple. Where applicable.

Reinforced Silicone & Stainless Steel Hardware

Designed for durability, every piece of hardware is carefully selected for long-life performance.

Reusable Air Filters

The Last Air Filter Your Vehicle Will Ever Need

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K&N Cone Air Filter
Increased Endurance

Oversized conical air filter extends use between cleanings—up to 100,000 miles under normal highway driving conditions.

Reduced Waste

Washable, reusable, and durable.

Innovative Design

Layered, oiled cotton media provides up to 50% more airflow than traditional paper filters.

Explore the Benefits

Cold Air Intakes 101

K&N® cold air intakes are designed to create a more aerodynamic path for airflow by removing stock intake tubing that can create excess turbulence, and by utilizing highly airflow-efficient filter media. Air first passes through a performance air filter—which is designed to provide more airflow than a standard disposable paper filter—before moving through an aerodynamically-engineered tubing system that helps keep airflow cooler and also helps provide a higher volume of air to the engine.

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Increase Horsepower

Cold air is more dense than warm air because it contains additional oxygen molecules—allowing the cylinders to facilitate combustion more efficiently. A factory air intake often features tubes and baffles designed to muffle sound and typically feeds warm air to the cylinders, while K&N® cold air intake systems are designed to provide a smooth, unimpeded path for the airstream—keeping the airstream cooler and more oxygen-dense. With a K&N® performance air intake system, you get a guaranteed increase in horsepower and torque.

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Protect your Engine

Poorly filtered air can result in severe internal engine damage, and can degrade valves, cylinder walls, and pistons. The oiled design of K&N® air filters assists in “absorbing” dirt particles, and in turn helps incorporate those particles into the filter surface itself, which helps maintain the filter’s efficiency and ability to flow air. All K&N® filter designs are tested according to ISO 5011 testing protocols, ensuring exceptional engine protection for your engine.

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Improve Engine Sound

Factory systems often feature intake tubing with tight bends, baffles, and other obstacles that can slow airflow and create turbulence. These systems are also typically designed to muffle engine noise—unlike K&N® intake systems, which are designed to give your engine a more satisfying growl on acceleration, yet stay quiet once at speed.

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Stylish Air Intake


K&N® offers several performance cold air intake system options to cater to different aesthetic, ease of maintenance, and filter media preferences. Choose among mandrel-bent aluminum, powder-coated aluminum, and high-density polyethylene intake tubing, and select either an oiled cotton High-Flow Air Filter™ or non-oiled synthetic DRYFLOW® air filter (options vary by vehicle).

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Go Green


If you assume an engine life of 300,000 miles—and replace your disposable air filter every 15,000 miles—only one K&N® air filter will be used during the same period in which twenty disposable air filters will be discarded. K&N® stands behind its 10-Year/Million Mile Limited Warranty—High-Flow Air Filters™ have been tested functional even after a million miles of use. One industrious driver put K&N’s warranty to the test, and his filter was still providing exceptional engine protection even after one million miles of use!

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Installing K&N Air Intake


Installation can typically be completed in less than 90 minutes with only basic hand tools. Detailed instructions are included in your kit, and installation videos are available on our YouTube channel for many applications.


  • Description

  • Tube Material / Finish

  • Filter Material / Color

  • Guaranteed Horsepower Increase

  • Guaranteed Torque Increase

  • Warranty

  • K&N Roto Molded Air Intake

    Roto Molded Air Intakes (63 & 57 Series)

    • Exceptional durability, heat resistance, and a stylish, custom appearance.

    • Roto Molded HDPE / Black Plastic

    • Oiled Cotton Gauze / Red 201

    • Yes

    • Yes

    • 10-Year/Million Mile Limited

  • K&N Aluminum Air Intake

    Aluminum Air Intakes (69 & 77 Series)

    • Same performance benefits as roto molded intakes for those looking for a more stylish, custom look.

    • Mandrel-Bent Aluminum / VMC Polished

    • Oiled Cotton Gauze / Red 201

    • Yes

    • Yes

    • 10-Year/Million Mile Limited

  • K&N Blackhawk Air Intake

    Blackhawk Air Intakes (71 Series)

    • All black design featuring an oil-free synthetic filter. Powder-coating gives greater resistance to chips, scratches, and wear versus other finishes.

    • Mandrel-Bent Aluninum / Black Powder-Coated

    • Dryflow Non-Oiled Synthetic / Black

    • Yes

    • Yes

    • 10-Year/Million Mile Limited

Customer Review

"I am so happy with the K&N washable cabin filter; it fits perfect in the cabin air box. I ran the air conditioner and the filter worked great! Air coming in was clean, 100 times better"

K&N Cabin Air Filter

Robert from New Hampshire

Frequently Asked Questions

No. In the United States, in order for the manufacturer of a warrantied product to void or deny warranty coverage of a repair due to the use of an aftermarket part, the manufacturer must provide proof that the aftermarket part is the cause of the necessary repair. These rights are protected under the Consumer Products Warranty Act of 1975 (also referred to as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act).

Performance intake systems are legal for street use in most areas of the United States. In California, and in specific regions which have adopted California air quality regulations, only CARB-exempt performance intakes are legal for street use. Check the K&N catalog or website for vehicle applications and specific CARB status for each vehicle and air intake.

It is possible that the Check Engine Light may come on after installing a K&N air filter or performance intake system. This does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with your air filter or intake; sometimes, the higher air flow and lower restriction provided by the K&N product will uncover an existing mechanical or electronic issue with your vehicle. In rare cases, you may have a K&N product which was manufactured outside of its design tolerances, causing sensors in your vehicle to read data outside of their normal expected values. In either case, the K&N Warranty Department can work with you to narrow down the cause of the Check Engine Light and correct the issue.

Dynamometer tests indicating horsepower and torque increases over the OEM intake system will appear on the "Product Details" page for each of our performance intake systems.

Cold air intakes allow for increased airflow to your engine, which results in an increase in torque and acceleration for your vehicle.

In theory, a cold air intake could increase the gas mileage of your vehicle due to improved airflow which allows the engine to run more efficiently and require less fuel. However, K&N does not make any guarantees in terms of increased gas mileage with the use of our filters or intakes.

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