1964 Talbot-Lago Alpine 空气过滤器

1964 Talbot-Lago Alpine 空气过滤器
  • 为配有引擎的 1964 Talbot-Lago Alpine提升马力 & 扭矩
  • 可清洗 &可重复使用
  • 这 K&N Alpine 空气过滤器可耐您的车辆的寿命。
  • 街道车辆附160公里正常使用下质保
一个 K&N 空气过滤器给您的1964 Talbot-Lago Alpine 应该是您的 Talbot-Lago 的第一件性能配件!

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1964 塔尔博特 - 拉戈 高山Sports No. B9204718
I purchased a pair of K&N Filters to fit on a pair of SU H-4 Carbs I fitted to my '70 Datsun 510 (the SU Carbs are part of the SSS kit that was available in the late '60's early '70's.) I enjoy the remove and reclean ability instead of the dispose and replace method of the now impossible to find originals. My most recent K&N Filter Purchase, the E-2330 Replacement filter is to be used in a very unique application on a 1953 Jaguar XK120 DHC. The stock XK120 DHC's have what Jaguar called a Remote Air Strainer which is mounted in front of the Jag's radiator.. The pair of SU H-6 Carbs are mounted on the passenger side of the engine, some four feet from the Strainer. This strainer is exactly what it sounds like. It strains to keep rocks and small birds from being ingested into the engine via the SU Carbs. As I am rebuilding my XK120's Engine, I decided to see if I could take apart the original welded-together strainer, to replace the internals with a proper Air Cleaner that would protect my valuable engine AND still look original. Upon disassembly of the Jaguar's strainer, measuring the inside area, I used K&N's Look-Up Guide to find an aftermarket type filter that would fit near perfectly inside the two halves of the strainer.. I have to only make an Era Correct looking band to secure the two halves of the unit to fit the modified, original-looking strainer back onto the Jaguar's original mounting Elbow. After Fifty-One Years of ownership (I am the second owner), I am NOW confident that clean air will be entering my freshly rebuilt 3.5 Litre Jaguar XK120 DropHead Coupe's engine for the first time in it's sixty-five year life Charles E. Bishop. Burleson, Texas
Charles E. Bishop , Burleson, Texas
K&N E-2330
  • 旨在增加电力
  • 百万英里有限保修
E-2330 1964 塔尔博特 - 拉戈 高山Sports No. B9204718替换空气过滤器